• Exza Middleware is fully agnostic to hardware platform operating system.
  • Fully modular in design with independent components, separating business logic from its core services.
  • Solution Portable for a low end Zapper SD to an advanced Hybrid HD Multi-Tuner USB PVR, IP, OTT and Media Gateway Class of Set-Top Box.
  • Requires low Memory Footprint compared to other similar class of Middleware Solutions.
  • Scalable Solutions to help Operators Monetize by up selling different Value Added Services (VAS) and Interactive Applications.
  • An extensible solution to build non Set-Top Box Products.
  • A comprehensive experience.


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Value Added Service

  • Real-Time targeted Digital TV Ads vs traditional pre-programmed AV quality Ads.
  • Works across all types of Set-Top Box’s and Cable Networks across India.
  • Graphical User Interface (UI) based Ads vis-à-vis in-channel Ads.
  • Additional revenue opportunity for Cable TV Opertors and STB OEMs.
  • Subscription based revenue model.


  • Our Middleware has standard APIs to integrate third party solutions
  • Provide consumers with high quality content library
  • Additional revenue opportunity
  • Pay per view model
  • Schedule and watch at any time at your convenience