MPEG-4/H.264 High Definition (HD) Single Tuner With USB PVR DVB Cable Set-Top Box

This product has been made for MSOs, who are pretty keen on providing High Definition (HD) services along with a wide range of value-added services and high-end features for their premium and demanding customers.

Product TypeMPEG-4 HD DVB-C with USB 2.0. Port Set-Top Box
CPUMontage CC6000 / Mstar MSD7C02 / Mstar MSD5029
Memory8MB Flash + 128MB RAM
RCUGeneric Non-Learning RCU
Generic Learning RCU (Optional)
PSU5V@1.5A External Power Adapter (BIS Certified)
Dimensions132mm*27mm*100mm / 135mm*30mm*95mm
CAS Certified ComplianceNSTV CAS
CertificationBIS Certified + RoHS Compliant