Over The Top (OTT) penetration in India and got everyone buzzing and talking, contrary to the fear that OTT will overshadow Television, Indian viewers still prefer TV over OTT, as per BARC TV viewership in rural India has risen by 10% over last year.

The Broadcast India survey (BI-2018) states that India has 197 million TV homes, that increased from 183 million in 2016 showing a steady growth of 7.6%, and the total TV penetration is 66% which was 64% in last survey. The survey also shows that number of individuals with access to TV is 835 million whereas smartphone penetration in the country is around 300 million. The National TV penetration level is 66% with states like AP, Telangana, Kerala, Karnataka having more than 90% TV penetration whereas UP, Bihar, Rajasthan and few North East Indian states have lower number of TV users. On a positive note it also means that 34 % of households in India are yet to buy a TV set.

The numbers definitely reflect strong growth TV viewership in India.